Image by Parker Byrd

Who we are.

In 2019, we came across a post that inspired us to create our company. We saw that there was a need for ticket brokers to buy tickets and run their businesses in a more ethical manner.

We wanted to set ourselves apart from the stigma of account reselling by providing a platform for fans to sell their accounts directly to ticket brokers.

We have seen great success since we began in 2019, and we have built a business trusted by fans and brokers alike. Tickets Junky values fairness, transparency and honesty. We believe that brokers should be able to buy the tickets they need for their business in an ethical manner while also benefiting the fans who sell their accounts directly to brokers. We are constantly working on new ways to make this process more transparent and fair for all parties involved.

Selling any kind of account is typically a shady business, and in most cases, it will be hard to tell if you are buying an authentic account or one that has been stolen. We have taken steps to ensure that our sellers are honest and trustworthy by using a verification process that includes but is not limited to:

  • Verify that they are the owner of the account.

  • Checking their fan history and selling history.

  • Limiting the number of accounts sold by each seller.

  • Banning any seller that we find to be in violation of our terms

  • Creating a safe environment where sellers can feel comfortable so that they will not be scammed.

This, along with our high standards for accounts and our commitment to providing the best service possible, has led us to become one of the most trusted account providers out there.